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7 Ways to Keep your Family Safe while Travelling

 this is bananas

Ok, so maybe you've got a bumbag. No, better than that. You've got a body-wallet that not-so-subtly hangs around your neck and under your t-shirt. And you've got travel insurance. Ok great, safe as houses right?

Keeping your family safe while you're travelling isn't as simple as that. In fact, in today's world, you need to be not only vigilant, but prepared. 

Unless you're Liam Neeson.

So here are 7 safety tips for the family that loves to travel.


1. Do a bit of research

We beg you. Read up on the local customs of your destination. This will ensure you don't do anything silly, like wear an offensive tshirt. Also, by doing a bit of research, you can ensure that you don't stand out like the obvious tourist which can lead to you becoming the target for the local criminals. Yes, they're there. 


It's not mine.


2. Take photos of your kids before every outing

When you're touring a city you're bound to end up amongst the crowds at some stage. And, even though we dread to think about it, a child can wander off, get lost or, be abducted. So take a photo of each of your children every day that you're away, and if one of them goes missing you can show the authorities a photo of exactly what they were wearing. 


3. Keep your information private

Ok, I'm going to say it - just going to put it out there. DON'T TAKE YOUR IPHONE OR LAPTOP WITH YOU ON YOUR HOLIDAY. I know, crazy right? Just have me committed. Put me in the jacket, strap me down and I'll promise to take the pills. But hear me out. Those devices are filled with your personal and valuable information; your passwords can be accessed, credit card info too. So why not just buy a cheap phone for your travels?


4. Get a door alarm.

A what? Exactly. I hadn't heard about these little buggers until a few days ago, but I'm already obsessed. Door alarms are perfect for your hotel room door. They work either as a stopper or like a 'latch', but essentially they let off a loud alarm if your door is opened. You can use it while you sleep or while you're out touring. Either way it should send would-be thieves scampering towards the fire exits.


Stops thieves. And doors.


5. Ask for a room near the top.

It's tempting to ask for a lower floor, especially if you have kids. I get it. But just know that most crimes happen on the lower floor for obvious reasons. Crooks don't want to nick your handbag and then take a leisurely descent in the lift, or have to go down 15 flights of stairs. So get high I mean go high.


6. Don't use your credit cards at internet cafes.

Those dastardly criminals just love internet cafes. They watch their prey send emails back home, check how happy their friends look on facebook, stalk an ex on instagram and then pay for it all on their credit card. Then, those shady folk walk on in and, using keylogger software, obtain your credit card info in a matter of minutes. So pay cash only at internet cafes for goodness sake. 


7. Spread your valuables around.

And by this we mean, let's not keep all your money and identification in one place. Don't fill your wallet up with cash, credit cards and I.D., keep them in different places on your self so if you do get robbed, mugged or something scary like that, they don't make off with everything and leave you in a real pickle. If you're heading on a tour or to the beach, keep everything you won't need in the hotel safe. You don't need to show your passport to buy a coconut. Promise.


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