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Did someone say road trip?


Firstly, for purposes of this blog we're going to assume that your family won't be travelling by motorcycle. Although the idea of the youngest sitting in a bucket off the side of the bike is alluring. 

Now, it’s March already, summer is officially over (cue the people in Sydney who laugh at me as they sweat profusely in this heat) and that big annual holiday is in your rearview mirror.

Segway alert. Rearview mirror --> ROAD TRIPPPP!

That’s right, soon school holidays will be upon us (no, seriously) and there’s that time-old tradition of the family road trip. BUT, how do you keep the kids from tripping out on a road trip?

Here are a few tips and tricks to make the road less travelled a little more appealing:



What the? Ok, let us explain. Fill little “lolly bags” with treats, toys, games etc that can only be opened once you reach a destination. So, one bag will be titled “don’t open until we reach...” you get the point. This will hopefully build anticipation and then reward the littlies for (hopefully) behaving like humans.



Who? I hear you ask. Well, we love Melissa & Doug, they rock our world. Sure, it depends on how old your kidlets are, but they have sooo many mess-free toys and games perfect for your road trip. Things like the Abbey and Emma Magnetic Dress and The Reusable Sticker Set (yep, reusable).

Click on this link here to check out all their travel goodness!



Look, we’re not encouraging hours on end of iPad action (after all, we’re booksellers!), BUT it’s gonna happen, it’s unavoidable. So…when all hell breaks losose until they can watch an episode, make sure they’ve got some headphones so you don’t have to listen to that peppa pig theme song one more %^&$ time! (yeah, you probably know al the lyrics to frozen too..)



Yes, photos are fun, but watching them develop in front of their eyes will have the kids mesmerized (and hopefully busy for a good amount of time). Let the kids chronicle your adventure with whatever pics they want to they’re the ones making the memories too!


In all honesty a good road trip can either bond or break the family. So go prepared and have a great time y’all!


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