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Best Sydney beaches for you and the kids – Part 1

Whether you’re a Sydneysider or travelling to the harbour city this summer, you’ve got over 100 beaches to choose from.

So which ones are best for the kiddies? Here’s Part 1 of our investigation where you’ll get some useful info on 3 beaches that the whole family will enjoy.

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Shelley Beach

A small beach found on the southern side of Manly Beach, Shelley Beach has calm waters great for non-experienced swimmers. There’s also a cool reef perfect fro snorkelling for those a little more adventurous.

Now when little Johnny needs the toilet, you can find one right there and when Suzy whinges that she’s hungry there’s a restaurant right there too.

And just a little warning – get there early to avoid circling for parking for all eternity.


photo from Daily Telegraph 

Parsley Bay

What bay? Exactly. Most of the world knows not of this jewel and that’s exactly why you should go there. Found deep in Vaucluse, this is a beach/park that includes a pretty darn fun playground for when the little one’s have had enough of the water. Before then they can enjoy a small beach with nets protecting swimmers from all else that lurks in the harbour. (just kidding, nothing lurks…right?)


There are plenty of shady spots in the park that leads to the sand and there’s also a kiosk to keep their energy levels (and companying) to a minimum. Again, parking is limited, so get there early.


photo from wikimedia

Balmoral Beach

Ok, this beach is pretty special. And pretty, well, pretty. Located in Mosman the calm waters of this harbour spectacular are perfect for those in, or just out of floaties. Sit on the sand, sit in the park under a tree, or check out the Balmoral baths for something different.

The gang will never get bored here and there’s plenty of spots for a picnic if you don’t fancy the nearby cafes.

Oh, and you should also know that this not a surf beach, so it’s not patrolled.

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