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7 Tips for Travelling While Pregnant



Taking the bump on an adventure can be - well - challenging to say the least (ok, maybe an overwater bungalow in the Maldives isn't that challenging, but you get the jist). So here are a few tips-slash-thing-to-consider before you take that flight, drive, bus or boat (Look, about the bus, just, well maybe just don't go there).


1. Hang on, is it safe for you to travel?

I'm not talking about taking a trip to Libya. I mean, is it safe - health wise - for you to travel by plane. Make sure you talk to your doctor, especially if you're a high-risk pregnancy. The 20 - 30 week timeframe is usually the best time to fly. Oh, and maybe think about the length of flight too. Two to three hour flights are perfect. Or do a couple of stopovers along the way.


2. Let's talk about toilets

If you're flying, then make sure you get an aisle seat as you'll be up and down most of the flight using that quaint bathroom (did I say 'quaint'?) and you don't want to have to hurdle over people to get there. Hurdling + pregnancy = faceplant. If you're going on a road trip, then make sure you've mapped out where some half decent (read: kinda clean) bathrooms are along the way. The Caltex just outside of Woop Woop is a bathroom you might want to avoid.

 Um, no thanks, I'll hold it in for the next 7 hours.

3. Verify those vaccinations

Need a vaccination to go on a trip? Don't just go ahead with it. Make sure you clearly communicate with your doctor as some may not be safe to take during pregnancy. Oh, and let's just all avoid going to places where there's a risk of catching a mozzie-born disease such as Malaria or Zika. Thanks in advance.


4. Say no thanks to Thrush.

Ladies, pregnancy makes you more susceptible to thrush. Add a hot and humid holiday climate into the equation and things can get worse. Quickly. So wear those loose cotton pants you never wear at home and toss that anti-fungal cream in the suitcase while you're at it. 


5. Get up now, get on up.

Firstly, that was a musical reference for those not paying attention. And secondly, whether you're flying or travelling by car make sure you get up, or stop, at least once every hour to stretch and walk around. No one likes swollen feet and ankles.


6. Take it easy, you're not at the X Games.

That's like the Olympics for extreme sportspeoples for those of you uneducated in 'gnarley'. So Mrs Pregnant should avoid scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving and any activities that require you to be inverted on a BMX.

 I mean seriously, play scrabble by the pool, or in your room. You're pregnant.

7. Take your prenatal records with you.

As a priority while packing, make sure you take a copy of your prenatal records and medical notes with you. And while you’re planning your trip, locate the nearest hospital or medical facility to your hotel, just in case. Should you need treatment from a local doctor during your trip, your records will provide an essential starting point for a medical professional.


All in all, just take into account a few more details when travelling with your bump. We know babymoons are a thing, just make it a safe thing. Ok? Good. Happy travels.


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