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Should you Travel with a Stroller?


So you’ve booked your tickets, you’ve got enough luggage to move away for a year and enough in-flight kiddy entertainment to open a daycare.

But what about a stroller? Do you take your trusty ol’ stroller across international borders? Is it a good idea?

 Here are a few pros and cons to help you make a decision.


  • A stroller is a must-have when visiting parks, theme parks, zoos, American malls….anywhere that’s basically massive and will take you hours to move through.
  • Queues – yes, we hate lining up, but not as much as our kids do! Instead of chasing children and losing your place in line (and your mind) keep the littlies in a stroller.
  • The stroller is your mobile sleep-station. When you travel, their normal sleep times can get delayed. Your stroller is a ready made bed that moves with you. Use it before over-tired-child rears its head.
  • Strollers offer protection. A place for little ones to get out of the cold and, in warmer climates, out of the sun.
  • A stroller keeps you hands-free. All shopping bags, toys, drinks, peppa-pig paraphenalia…everything can hang off or live under a stroller. This leaves you hands-free to check a map (on your iphone of course) or eat a croissant.

 This is the Maclaren Volo. Apparently you can't get into New York without one.


  • Checking-in with a stroller is a bit of a hassle. On top of all your other luggage, it can drive you batty.
  • Yes, the enemy of the stroller is the stair. If you’re staying in an apartment with a lot of stairs then your stroller is a real hindrance.
  • Flying with a stroller – two things here. The first is that sometimes you need to wait for your stroller post-flight as it's labelled ‘oversized luggage' and this is the pits after a long flight with your child. And you also need to be aware of the fact that many strollers are damaged thanks to the deft touch of those luggage handlers!
  • Strollers can be a public nuisance on public transport. Enjoy cramming your stroller onto a tram in San Fran or a bus in London. Good luck with that.


 In conclusion……..


We think the pros outweigh the cons and that you should take your stroller on holiday with you. Oh, and we’d just like to say one more thing. If you own a bulky stroller, you know, the Rolls Royce version, leave it at home and buy yourself a travel stroller. One that’s light, compact and folds easily.










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