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Keep your holiday memories alive (and even get the kiddies to help you do it!)

How often have you travelled with your kids and thought “I wish I could bundle up this moment “, or perhaps you’ve thought “I wish I was Dorothy right now…tap my feet, take me home!! "

Either way, the memories made on holidays with your family are priceless…and I guarantee you, you’ll look back at these times one day and smile…I hope!

The key to holding onto those memories is of course how you record them. And by “you” I mean all of you, kids included. Whether you have toddlers, threenagers, kiddies, here are some fun and creative ideas for how to keep those memories alive.

Create Vlogs



Why blog when you can vlog (yes, I see the irony in this being a blog!)? This task can actually begin while you’re away. Record your kids talking every day about their adventures, or, they can record themselves. When you get back home, you can edit the videos together with music… the grandparents will be completely stumped!!

Calendar Journal


This is simple and will have their teachers very impressed. Create a Calendar and fill in details of what you did on your holiday. When you and the kids get home, ask them to decorate it with photos and souvenirs. They’ll be the talk of the classroom!

Box it up


Ask your kids to collect all of the souvenirs, photos, pebbles, leaves – whatever their hearts desire - and keep them separated out into cities visited. When you get home, buy a few boxes, label them with the name of a city (each city has its own box) and decorate them. Then fill each box with all the random stuff your kids collected from each city. It’s always exciting to return to the box after a while to be reminded of what you all collected for each city.


Let’s be clear, there are endless ways to hold on to memories and the best will be holding onto your photos and remembering your stories. But sometimes our creative side is desperate to emerge, so enjoy these ideas and…good luck!


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