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A Short Piece on Surviving Long Flights

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Ok, you're short on time, I get that. The kids have just gone to sleep and that recording of Married at First Sight is just sitting there waiting for your fine self.

So I'll make it snappy. Here's some tips on how to survive a long haul flight.

1. Carbo load - no seriously. Apparently eating carbs on a flight makes jet lag less severe. Don't ask questions. Just nod you head.

2. But don't eat too much - they say it's harder to digest thousands of feet in the air.

3. Request a Special Meal - want to eat first? Then order the veg option, or the gluten-free one, or become kosher for the day. Up to you.

Oops sorry, this is a first class meal. My mistake.


4. Drink water, not coffee - flying will dehydrate the bejesus out of you, so drink more water than you normally would. And try avoid coffee, it won't help you get to sleep.

5. Bring a scarf - it looks good, can act as a blanket and can even provide a bit of lower back support when rolled up. Genius, I know.

6. Bring sounds - seriously, download your meditation tracks of choice or just white noise to relax and get to sleep. It'll drown out whatever else is going on.

NB. She may be asleep and not meditating. Not sure.

7. Wear compression socks - not because they're cool, because they're not, but because they're good for you. Avoid swollen ankles and feet with these puppies.

8. Stay charged - your devices should be at max battery or bring a power pack with you.

9. Get a window seat - you get a wall to lean against and you only need to get up when you (and not others) need to go to the loo.

10. Sit on the wing - no, not literally. Some experts say that sitting in line with the plane's wing is where you'll experience the least amount of turbulence.

Kids, right?

11. Hydrate you skin - yes, men too. Bring lotion, lip balm and even a hydrating spray as the recycled pressurised air will leave you looking 80. Unless you're 90.

12. Wear Layers - because you know it gets f*&%ing freezing about 3 hours in.


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