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Pack Duct Tape for your next Family Holiday

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10 Packing Tips for your holiday with the kids. 


So it's December already. School's almost done and the family holiday ( Americans read: vacation) is fast approaching. We know how you're feeling - you're excited to have that hour (or two of you're lucky) poolside with a cocktail in one hand and the novel you'll never finish in the other.

You're also dreading something. Packing. Packing for yourself or your partner is fine. The kids? That's a different story. Now, don't panic - we're here to help in any way we can. So check out these packing tips - they're sure to make the process, and your holiday - a little easier.


1. Research

Relax. i'm not talking about late nights in the uni library. Just a couple of little things. First, check the weather forecast of your destination and pack appropriately. This will ensure you don't 'overpack' and bring that heavy and bulky sub-zero-temperature-jacket to a destination where the weather won't dip below 20 degrees. Then, check your accomodation. Does your hotel have a hairdryer in the room? Yes? So don't bring your own. Do they provide pool towels? Again, don't bring your own. Go online, read the fine print.


2. Zip lock around the clock.

Never underestimate the value of the zip lock bag. Ever. These are a traveller's best friend. Use them to store the kids' lego, to keep the kids' snacks from invading your bags and you can even use the larger ones to pack the littlies clothes. Zip it, then lock it, then love it.

Someone loves a zip lock bag.

3. Duct Tape. Seriously.

Take some duct tape with you and you could very well be thanking us for quite some time. Duct tape will let you immediately repair any luggage damage (within reason) and it's also great for babyproofing hotel rooms. 


4. Mix it up.

Imagine this. Daughter's luggage goes missing on a flight. She has now just one outfit to wear for the next day or so. Daughter is panicking. Daughter makes your life a miserable experience. Make sure this doesn't happen by packing in some of her clothes with a sibling's or even with your luggage. Cross pack, mix it up, whatever you want to call it. It's important.


5. Find apps that don't require internet.

Self-explanatory really. When you're packing the iPad or the laptop, make sure you don't rack up huge data bills by downloading apps that don't need wifi to work - apps like angry birds or tetris can be a life saver.


6. Get a splitter to stay together.

We're talking about a headphone splitter. This will let more than one of you watch a movie on your laptop or play a game on the iPad. A combined activity is always a good activity.


7. Pack the Pop-Up Laundry Basket.

Bring a cheap and collapsible pop-up laundry basket and keep all the laundry off the couch, bed, kitchen bench, floor, celling fan, wherever. Just keep it all together and feel an inner peace. Ohmmmm.



8. Roll and rock.

Please roll your clothes. Then please roll their clothes. You'll soon see that you can fit so much more into a suitcase. And they'll be wrinkle free too. 


9. Be ready to read.

We all like to read on a holiday. So make sure you can read after the little ones go to sleep thanks to a nifty little reading light you can probably pick up for a few dollars. Do it, it's worth it.

Meet the LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light. Howdy.

10. The repack.

Always do the repack. Here's how it works: Pack you bag. Leave it for 20mins. Come back to repack and reduce the amount of stuff by at least a 3rd.  Then repeat. You'll soon see how much needless stuff you've put in there.


And there you have it. A few handy tips when packing for the next family holiday.

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