Jett around the World

About Us

Ok, so we were in the car, driving up the coast, and complaining about our day jobs (I mean, who doesn't?). The we started to daydream...what if we could do whatever we wanted for work? What would we do?
Josh: "I love writing and entertaining kids."
Danielle: "I love travel."
And so, after a few minutes of wordplay, Jett Around the World was born...and we've never looked back.
Jett Around The World is a series of children's books that entertain and teach kids about the different cities of the world and the people that live in them.
Each book takes your child to a different city and opens their mind to its attractions,
people and their customs.
Your child will love going on adventures with Jett, his trusty sidekick Leroy and a whole bunch of friends who live all around the world.
Isn't it time you started to jett around the world?

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